bemusing musings of a bewildered brush-wielder


montauk w liam, 2

Well, headed out to Montauk today with Margaret and Liam.  I wanted to spend a few hours on a small landscape sketch, being that the sky was such a cool, blue grey.  We arrived at Montauk Point, and I was all eager.  I opened my truck door, and then… the wind blew my truck door closed, slammed it actually.  I suddenly realized that I wouldn’t be doing any seaside painting.  Instead, Margaret, Liam, and I bundled ourselves up, and hiked some trails along the water.  Sorry that I look so contemplative in this photo, in fact, Liam and I are just bracing ourselves against a really powerful wind, hence the squinty eyes.  Then, we headed to the other side of Montauk, to the commercial, fishing boat section.  We had a good time wandering around the docks, looking at all of the rusting boats.  They looked like sleeping dinosaurs, old and decrepit ones at that.  We talked with the captain of the Evening Prayer, a really cool guy who moved to Montauk from Nassau County 30 years ago.  He was such an interesting guy, so kindspoken.  He started as a deckhand on a fishing partyboat, and is now the owner of three enormous fishing vessels.  He would be the coolest subject for a painting.  He made me rethink where I want to live on Long Island…

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