bemusing musings of a bewildered brush-wielder

margaret, days three and four

day three of Six Months, 26″ x 48″, oil on linen

So, my days have been going wonderfully recently.  I have been painting all day, but my evenings have been crazy.  Today, as other days, I am running off to Manhattan for a gallery opening.  I enjoy these gallery openings, as there are some really interesting people.  I do, however, wish that I could just slow down, and spend my evenings with Liam, sitting by the fire.  This is high gallery season, though, and it will be over by the end of December.

To be perfectly honest, I am very happy with this painting.  This is one of the first times that my hand truly obeyed my mind, and painted Margaret as I truly see her.  Day three, pictured above, is Wednesday’s work.  Day four, pictured below, is today’s progress.  Now, it’s off to the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan…

day four of Six Months, 26″ x 48″, oil on linenworking on Six Monthsmy wonderful new studio, courtesy of Islip Presbyterian Church


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