bemusing musings of a bewildered brush-wielder

liam asleep

Liam Asleep, pencil in notebook, 4″ x 6″

This is a drawing that I did of Liam, as he fell asleep in his carseat.  Margaret had to go and grab something, so I was left with Liam in the truck.  I did this drawing for about fifteen minutes, before he woke up.  I really like this drawing, as simple as it is, because it has some energy in it, something tender that paintings don’t always have.  There is so little that is necessary for a compelling work of art…

I’ve posted two blogs today.  I’ve done this as a sort of thank you to those out there who are reading this- I have been stunned to see that there are seventy something people on any random day, reading my ramblings.  This short post is out of consideration for my readers who don’t have too much time on their hands, and still enjoy the window into my world.

The next post is sort of a history, a tiresome tome, recounting the training I received as an artist.  It’s longwinded, but I needed to write it.

Thanks so much for all of your interest, it is so encouraging.


One response

  1. Fred Shriver

    I looked at this for a while, and it is sweet — the energy is, I tremblingly suggest, focused on the little pursed mouth, strangely enough. Another adjective – “tender.” Of course, I’m interested in everything you do.

    February 5, 2010 at 4:41 am

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