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And so, the reader of this blog will remember that Newsday went into the jail with me.  I am so impressed with the piece that was written by Joye Brown, it is nuanced, balanced, and honest.  It’s found on page 16 of today’s newspaper, Sunday, the 1oth.  Here is a link to the page:

<a href=”“>

It’s so interesting to see the comments left on Newsday’s webpage .  There are some wonderful, encouraging things written.  As is to be expected, there is some criticism.  I’m looking forward to the dialogue with all of these readers.

Photo by Gordon M. Grant


One response

  1. lmagli

    In a world such as ours, what is there not to like about an “old soul” in a young body doing what is natural for itself…sharing, caring, giving back. It is a privlege to know this old soul.

    April 10, 2011 at 3:26 pm

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