bemusing musings of a bewildered brush-wielder

The Duet

My friend Tom, the Founder and Director of the Jazz Loft, asked the famous artist/caricaturist Al Hirschfeld to paint his bandstands, and Hirschfeld painted about a dozen before he passed. So cool. Seen above is my own meta-duet with Hirschfeld. My painting is really informed by and in dialogue with his work, as I’m painting in the presence of these bandstands and the energy totally carries over.

I received a grant from New York State, through the Huntington Arts Council, to paint this portrait commission of Tom. It’s been a lot of fun working on this painting, as Tom is an animated musician, full of energy. Really enjoying the effort to capture that animation, in oil. Whenever I think of motion in oil painting, I think of the spinning sewing wheel of Arachne, in Velazquez’ painting, Las Hilanderas- suggest something, the visual phenomenon, the effect, say it without saying it. It doesn’t require precise diction or articulation of each word, but more so the sound of the sentence, the shape of the sound.

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